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Mean Sandwich Shopping Shorts - Episode 027 - Kick the Cool

Welcome to Episode 27, in which we create a new character that's going to be around for a while, Mean Delilah. I have a hunch we'll be seeing more of her.

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Reviews include: Mean Delilah, Cargo Shorts, Peanut Butter & Jelly Sandwiches, Clothes Shopping

Love you, byyyyye!

Embarrassing Rando Star Sites - Episode 026 - Kick the Cool

This could be our finest moment. By accident. Let me explain.

Some days you just have trouble staying focused. You ever seen Jimmy Fallon on SNL start laughing during a scene? You don't want him to do that every time, but when it does happen, it can be hilarious. That's kinda how the first 15 minutes of this episode feels, and it's guaranteed to make you smile.

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Reviews include: Five Star Reviews, Websites, Rando! Review! Riot! (There Can Be Only One Winner), Embarrassing Things

See you next week!

Love you, byyyyye!

Big Wooing Pain Supplies - Episode 025 - Kick the Cool

Happy Monday, everyone! Thanks for listening!

Who thought we would actually make 25 episodes of this silliness? Um....I mean....helpfulness!

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Reviews include: Concert Wooing, Big Brother, School Supplies, Pain

Love you, byyyyyye!

Apple Dog Waiting Worms - Episode 024 - Kick the Cool

Hello, fellow Cool Kickers!

Your 3 nerdy siblings - big sister She She, big little brother Tone, and little little brother Wopsle - hailing from Small Town, Oklahoma, have taken a solemn vow to give you the most heartfelt and helpful reviews possible, and we do it every Monday! Thanks for listening!

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This week's reviews include: Apples, Dogs, Waiting, and Worms

See you next Monday!

Love you, byyyyyye!


Food Order Workplace Cats - Episode 023 - Kick the Cool

Hello Cool Kickers, we're back to our regular episode format! We took the week off last week and came back with a vengeance this week! Our form of vengeance isn't, like, anything with a sword. Not that kind of vengeance.

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Reviews include: Sibling Order, Workplace Bathroom Usage, Cats, Gas Station Food

Don't forget to check out our brothers over at the podcast Pool Boys Recommend! They're hilarious AND they're from Australia! So you'll be all, like, international! Look at you!

Hope you all have a wonderful week!

Love you, byyyyye!

Best Of Episode Part 2 - Episode 022 - Kick the Cool

Hey, Cool Kickers! Welcome to Episode 22!

You know, sometimes you just gotta take a little break, and this week is our's. But never fear, there's a new bit of content in this episode! It's a review called "Wink" and it's from our Episode 0, an unreleased practice episode we did before we published Episode 1! The rest of the episode is a collection of your favorite bits from episodes 12-15...long enough ago that you've probably forgotten them. So go check it out!

Please email us anything you'd like to say (including your review topic ideas) at

In this episode we also have a trailer from some friends of ours from the podcast Pool Boys Recommend! They are a hilarious podcast hailing from Australia, where they assign each other tasks and then review them the following week. We highly...ahem!....recommend them. Go like their Facebook page!

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Enjoy the episode everyone, and have an awesome week!

Love you, byyyye!!!

Bust Up Limbo Fish - Episode 021 - Kick the Cool

Welcome, Cool Kickers!

You've found the zone of family and fun where your favorite 3 nerdy siblings have taken a solemn vow to give you the most helpful and heartfelt reviews known to man!

We normally record on Tuesday evenings, but this one had to be squeezed in on Sunday morning, so there might be some coffee slurping, yawning, and plenty of talk about how early it is. But this one turned out pretty good! Maybe we should always record in a haze of sleepiness!

Please send your review topic ideas to, we love hearing from you about anything at all.

Well, thank you SO MUCH for listening!

Love you, byyyyyye!!!

Reviews include: The Limbo, Cat Fish, Waking Up, Bust A Move Lyrics

Oops! All Segments! - Episode 020 - Kick the Cool

It's Episode 20, folks! We can't believe we made it this far, but we feel like we're getting better every week.

This week, to celebrate the big 2-0, your favorite nerdy siblings break out all of our favorite "segments" just for you.

Here's to another 20! We know you'll follow us on this...uh hem....Journey.

Remember to send your review - or segment! - ideas to Or any pics you want us to see, or anything at all, really. Just keep it clean, folks. That means you, Wopsle.

Reviews include: Episode 20, Rando! Review! Riot!!, Online Reviews, Guess What She Got

Thanks again, Cool Kickers!

Love you, byyyye!

Hometown Napkin Tattoo Construction - Episode 019 - Kick the Cool

Hey there Kickers! Welcome to the most helpful zone on the planet, or maybe anywhere else. As you know, your 3 nerdy siblings - She She, Tone, and Wopsle - have taken a solemn vow to give you the most helpful and pertinent reviews imaginable every Monday, and for this episode you'll want to be strapped. If you don't know what that means, listen to the episode. You might be surprised.

In this episode we talk a lot about our hometown - Prague, Oklahoma. It was named after the Czech city, but here in Oklahoma we pronounce it "Preg". Isn't that awesome? Also we delve into the importance of tattoos, and the fact that we have only 1 tattoo between the 3 of us!

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Also, join us on Facebook and Twitter every Tuesday as we post pictures of us with our favorite review topic for the week. Looks like this week is gonna be "Tattoos", so post your tattoos online and tag us!

Reviews include: Napkins, Tattoos, Our Hometown, Road Construction

Well, that's it! Thank you SO MUCH for sharing some of your time with us silly folk.

Love you, byyyyye!

Cussing Curb Garth Shortcuts - 018 - Kick the Cool

This week we review "cussing", but don't worry, we're still as family friendly as always. Anything offensive is bleeped out and it might be fake cussing anyway. Well, it's probably fake. Okay it's definitely fake cussing. But we couldn't pass up an opportunity to get some good beeps in there!

A lot of great things are on the horizon, fellow Cool Kickers! We're making algorithms, upgrading desks, and busting out KTC t-shirt ideas like it's our job! So be looking for that sweet, sweet Kick the Cool merchandise!

We're also very excited about a new aspect of the show. Every week we'll choose a review and take selfies with it, so if we review clowns, we'll take a selfie with a clown of some sort. And we would LOVE for our Cool Kickers to post their "review selfies" to our Facebook, Twitter, and anywhere else on the interwebs! Can't wait to see your creativity in action!

Also, go to YouTube and search Kick the Cool, then subscribe to our channel! It's a great "catch-all" for every episode plus all the short snippets we publish every week. It's all right there!

Reviews include: Seaside Field Curbs,Shortcuts, Cussing, Troyle Garth Brooks



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