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REWIND! Episode 27

No new episode this week so let's hit the REWIND button and go all the way back to Episode 27, Mean Sandwich Shopping Shorts!

We'll be back next week with a new episode. I wonder if Carl will make an appearance.

Thank you SO MUCH for listening to our goofy show. You're the reason we keep doing this.

Love you, byyyye!


Dolphin Snow Cable Producer

We're really starting to feel the pressure from the higher-ups in our organization (what organization?) and Carl the Producer has some things to say. And let me tell ya, Kickers, he is not happy.

We NEED your review topics! Please send them to or post them on social media. Come on, you could get your name said in a podcast! You'll be famous!

Reviews include:  Carl the Producer, Dolphin Kick (& Special Moves), Snow, Cutting the Cable

Thank you for listening. You. Reading this now. Thank you for supporting us in our journey to put dumb smiles on faces. We might not be covering the important topics of the day, but hopefully we're still doing some good. Anyway, thank ya.

Until next you, byyyye!


Maggie’s Pickled Dancing Documentaries

Well howdy, y'all! It's your favorite sibling podcast hosts from Prague, Oklahoma! We break ground in this one as we become the first podcasters to ever eat food, live, on a podcast. Breaking records, I tell ya!

Thank you SO MUCH to everyone who has supported us financially and otherwise. You have no idea how special it feels to get supported like that.

Reviews include: Maggie's ER Visit, Pickled Okra vs Fried Okra, Dancing, and Documentaries

See you next week, and thanks again! Love you, byyyye!


Pee-wee Scramble Sonic Gyms

Welcome, Cool Kickers, to Episode 44! This week, we help people. Like, we really do. No, I mean, this time we actually help hundreds, maybe even TENS of people with our heartfelt and caring reviews. Mostly, we goof on Pee-wee Herman.

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Reviews include: Denver Scramble, Gyms and Jims, Working at Sonic, Pee-wee Herman


Crazy Tongue DVD Tower

Episode 43, Cool Kickers! We continue to fulfill our solemn vow to review the most heartfelt and helpful reviews known to man. We're helping so many people in 2021, it's actually kinda crazy.

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Reviews include: Biting Your Tongue, Water Towers, DVDs, Crazy Animal Stories

See you next week!

Love you, byyyyye!


2 Cheese Podcast Interviews

It's episode 42 and we are back from our break! It's been a year since we started, so we're calling this Season 2. We're back this season and we're sharper, faster, and setting a new level of what I like to call, "dumbness"!

Find us on social media for a new way to support the podcast and get a free gift!

Don't forget, we're including a listener suggested review topic in every episode this season, so send them to us on social media or email them to

Reviews include: Season 2, Cottage Cheese On Pizza Don’t Make It Lasagna, Podcasts, Job Interviews

Thank you for being part of our community!

Love you, byyyye!!


Online TikTok Epic Falling

Hello friends, and welcome to episode 41! We talk to our TikTok expert in this one, and realize we're even older than we thought!

This is our last episode of 2020, as we're taking a holiday break until next month.

Reviews include: Epic Songs, Tik Tok, Falling, Online Reviews

Love you, byyyyye!

Interview Helping College Dentists

It's Episode 40, where we let you in behind the scenes and come to terms with who we really are. This is an early morning recording, which usually means we get better by the end of the episode because it takes us a while to wake up. We know you think we're superheroes but even heroes need a little coffee in the morning.

Reviews include: Interview Questions, College Syllabus, Dentist, Helping

See you next week! Love you, byyyyyye!

Virtual Band Laundry People

Welcome to Episode 39! It's a land where Thanksgiving happens virtually and we explore our most boring topic ever - laundry. You've been clamoring for us to get a little more boring, and the customer is always right! You're welcome, America!

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Reviews include: Virtual Thanksgiving, Matchmaking (setting people up), Bad Bands, Laundry

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Love you, byyyyye!

Truck Show Tickle Fighters

This week we begin a new chapter of Kick the Cool! Every week we will feature a "listener suggestion" topic as the first review each episode, which means we need your help. Hit us up on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Reddit, YouTube, or email us at with your suggested review topics and we'll put you in the show!

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Reviews include: Trash Trucks, Game Shows, Tickling, Foo Fighters

Thank you for listening, you Cool Kickers!

Love you, byyyyyyye!

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