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Great State Fair of Oklahoma

Welcome to Episode 64, where we talk about the Oklahoma State Fair and nothing else. Well, except for turtles breathing through their butts. 

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Reviews include: Oklahoma State Fair

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Fred Durst Quitting Door Puzzles

We're back after a long summer vacation! Welcome to Episode 63, where we review and rate the living, breathing human named Fred Durst, former lead singer of a popular 90's band. A lot of other things happen in this episode, but once you know we're reviewing Fred Durst, that's all you really need to know, right?

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Reviews include: Quitting, Doors, Fred Durst, Jigsaw Puzzles

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Play Dee Gees Nut Trailers

Hey Kickers! It's a busy time right now for your nerdy siblings, but we managed to squeeze this one in by recording later in the evening than usual, creating a situation we like to call "Kick the Cool After Dark". And historically that makes for a wacky episode! So we hope you're ready for a wild ride!

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Reviews include: Dee Gees, Let's Plays, Nuts, and Trailers

Love you, byyyye!! 

Chat Candy Riot Sharks

Oh, hello! I didn't see you there. I was just lost in my head, thinking about all the great goofs and spoofs in Episode 61! This is one of my favorite episode, and probably because we talk about Shark Farts.

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Reviews include: Eating Medicine Like Candy, Old School Chat Rooms, Sharks, Rando! Review! Riot!

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Love you, byyyyye!!! 

Grocery Smizing Classic Dating

Welcome to Episode 60! A little problem with She She's audio in this one. Please be patient, it'll be better next week!

In this episode we help so many people it's.....well, it's just silly how many people we help. All that Grocery Smizing and Classic Dating in this one....everyone should just get right out of town. By golly, it turned out to be a pretty good one.

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Reviews include: Smizing, Grocery Store Coupons, The Classics, Online Dating

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Vert Metric Lyric Shoes

It's Episode 59, you fools! Tone here, and I just like ending every sentence with, "you fools!", because then I feel like Gandalf the Grey. But, unfortunately, I'm NOT Gandalf, and neither are my siblings.

In this episode we start off with Wopsle's dad costume - especially the shoes - then help millions of people by FINALLY explaining the METRIC SYSTEM! Then She She plays a game of hot or not and we all invent a word. Not everyday you invent a word, huh? I'll invent one right now: Curglemudgpin! (What is this, Mary Poppins?)

You're welcome, Cool Kickers.

Reviews include: Skit Shoes, The Metric System, Staying Alive Lyrics, and Introvert VS. Extrovert

Thank you for listening! See you next Monday! 

Hockey College Crypto Typing

Hi Kickers, and welcome to Episode 58, a land where air hockey is harder than you remember and the gang takes a typing test ON the podcast. Well, kinda.  Basically, if you listen to this episode you'll get free cryptocurrency and learn to type, so pass it along to your friends!

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Reviews include: Air Hockey, College Fight Songs, Typing, and Crypto

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Love you, byyyye!

Starting Kubb Pawn Camp

Welcome to Episode 57! Where we talk about stuff you won't get because you're not one of our siblings. Or are you?! Dun dun DUN!

Wopsle yells at a harmless child, She She goes to camp, and Tone invents the game Skubb (pronounced Scoob, of course).

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Reviews include: Kubb/Scoob, Starting a Podcast, Pawn Shops, Camp

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Love you, byyyye!!

Foley Theater Pickle Bras

Episode 56 is chock full of fun, y'all. Tone interrupts Wopsle and gets his revenge, She She requests artist renderings of her brothers wearing bras. Yeah, I guess you could say it gets kinda weird. Add in that we're all practicing our Foley work the whole time and you've got the most helpful episode of podcasting known to man.

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Reviews include: Foley, Pickles, Bras, and Movie Theaters

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Snake Roll Fandom Confusion

Oh, boy, folks. This one gets sideways on us at about the halfway point. She She makes her biggest mistake, Wopsle just can't let it go, and Tone finally comes around to make one of our greatest moments....The Great Cotton-Eyed Joe Discussion of 2021.

Reviews include: Name Confusion, Rolls, Snakes, Fandoms   

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Love you, byyyyye!!

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