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Vert Metric Lyric Shoes

June 21, 2021

It's Episode 59, you fools! Tone here, and I just like ending every sentence with, "you fools!", because then I feel like Gandalf the Grey. But, unfortunately, I'm NOT Gandalf, and neither are my siblings.

In this episode we start off with Wopsle's dad costume - especially the shoes - then help millions of people by FINALLY explaining the METRIC SYSTEM! Then She She plays a game of hot or not and we all invent a word. Not everyday you invent a word, huh? I'll invent one right now: Curglemudgpin! (What is this, Mary Poppins?)

You're welcome, Cool Kickers.

Reviews include: Skit Shoes, The Metric System, Staying Alive Lyrics, and Introvert VS. Extrovert

Thank you for listening! See you next Monday!