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Employee Versus Shopping Pants

This week we make "the smartest joke ever made on this podcast", but we're still not super impressed with ourselves. Just because we make the most helpful and informative internet radio show in the history of people doesn't mean....oh.....yeah, okay, I see it now.

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Reviews include: Employee of the Month, The Versus Show, Pants, Shopping Carts

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Stereo Earworm Artificial Ebay

Hey, Cool Kickers, Tone here. Don't tell anyone, but I think my favorite review ever is in this episode! Oh, no, I hope my siblings don't read this. Hmmm.

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Reviews include: Earworms, Artificial Plants, Car Stereos, eBay

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Waking 50 Fall Adventure

Your favorite 3 nerdy siblings from Oklahoma are back at it again! Thanks for listening to Episode 31 of the best review show known to man, where we tackle ALL the important topics and help you live your life to the fullest! Join us as we kick the cool to the curb every Monday!

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Reviews include: Autumn, Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure, The Number 50, Waking Up Part 2

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Cars Cars Cars Cars

Welcome to Episode 30, Cool Kickers! It's another special episode where we take four versions of the same topic and explore them to the fullest extent, helping multitudes in the process.

Don't be confused by the background sounds on this episode - Tone is recording while driving his car (a podcasting first?) and our audio engineer isn't good enough to remove it.

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Reviews include: The band The Cars, Toy Cars, The Movie "Cars", and Actual Automobiles

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Merge Day Pump Stains

It's Episode 29, Cool Kickers, and it's also Labor Day. For some reason we actual get something right and talk about the holiday!

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Reviews include: Gas Pump Pins, Merge Dragons, Labor Day, Stains

Crazy Moon Haiku Music

Coooool Kickers! Welcome to Episode 028! Where your 3 nerdy siblings bring you the most heartfelt and helpful reviews possible, in accordance with the solemn vow we took eons ago. Well, it feels like eons, but it was actually the beginning of 2020!

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Reviews include: Moon Walk, Haiku Poems, Hold Music, Crazy Animal Stories

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Mean Sandwich Shopping Shorts - Episode 027 - Kick the Cool

Welcome to Episode 27, in which we create a new character that's going to be around for a while, Mean Delilah. I have a hunch we'll be seeing more of her.

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Reviews include: Mean Delilah, Cargo Shorts, Peanut Butter & Jelly Sandwiches, Clothes Shopping

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Embarrassing Rando Star Sites - Episode 026 - Kick the Cool

This could be our finest moment. By accident. Let me explain.

Some days you just have trouble staying focused. You ever seen Jimmy Fallon on SNL start laughing during a scene? You don't want him to do that every time, but when it does happen, it can be hilarious. That's kinda how the first 15 minutes of this episode feels, and it's guaranteed to make you smile.

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Reviews include: Five Star Reviews, Websites, Rando! Review! Riot! (There Can Be Only One Winner), Embarrassing Things

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Big Wooing Pain Supplies - Episode 025 - Kick the Cool

Happy Monday, everyone! Thanks for listening!

Who thought we would actually make 25 episodes of this silliness? Um....I mean....helpfulness!

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Reviews include: Concert Wooing, Big Brother, School Supplies, Pain

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Apple Dog Waiting Worms - Episode 024 - Kick the Cool

Hello, fellow Cool Kickers!

Your 3 nerdy siblings - big sister She She, big little brother Tone, and little little brother Wopsle - hailing from Small Town, Oklahoma, have taken a solemn vow to give you the most heartfelt and helpful reviews possible, and we do it every Monday! Thanks for listening!

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This week's reviews include: Apples, Dogs, Waiting, and Worms

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