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Storm Show Bicycle Brass - 015 - Kick the Cool

June 1, 2020

No matter where you live, we're going through some tough times, gang. But luckily, the 3 nerdy siblings from Kick the Cool Podcast have taken a solemn vow to give you the most heartfelt and helpful reviews possible.

There was just something in the air on this one! We could actually feel how many people our reviews were helping!

If you know someone who doesn't "podcast" please direct them to our YouTube channel, where you can find every full episode plus tons of little snippets. Those snippets are even a great way to see if someone new likes our style. 

Thanks for listening everyone!

Reviews include: Knee Slapper Storms, Show Endings, Bicycles, Playing Brass Instruments

Stay safe, everyone!

Love you, byyyyyye!