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Literally Complaining Frank Emergency

October 1, 2021

Welcome to Episode 65, Cool Kickers!

This is a night recording so expect some major shenanigans! We start the episode by being as candid as possible and revealing our main secret: we don't make money on this podcast. We actually pay cold cash money to deliver these heartfelt reviews, a twist no one could have expected!

Please go to our website and buy us a coffee! It's a lonely job out here on podcast island and we need your help! Another way you can help is by giving us your review ideas; email them to or hit us on social media!

Also, this episode is being published on a Friday, and we know we've been all over the place lately, but our normal day has been moved from publishing on Mondays to publishing on Wednesdays, so the next episode will be this Wednesday.

Reviews include: Being Frank, The Word Literally, Emergency Rooms, and Complaining

Thank you SO MUCH for listening! See you next week!

Love you, byyyye!