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Best Of Episode Part 2 - Episode 022 - Kick the Cool

July 20, 2020

Hey, Cool Kickers! Welcome to Episode 22!

You know, sometimes you just gotta take a little break, and this week is our's. But never fear, there's a new bit of content in this episode! It's a review called "Wink" and it's from our Episode 0, an unreleased practice episode we did before we published Episode 1! The rest of the episode is a collection of your favorite bits from episodes 12-15...long enough ago that you've probably forgotten them. So go check it out!

Please email us anything you'd like to say (including your review topic ideas) at

In this episode we also have a trailer from some friends of ours from the podcast Pool Boys Recommend! They are a hilarious podcast hailing from Australia, where they assign each other tasks and then review them the following week. We highly...ahem!....recommend them. Go like their Facebook page!

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Enjoy the episode everyone, and have an awesome week!

Love you, byyyye!!!