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Oops! All Segments! - Episode 020 - Kick the Cool

It's Episode 20, folks! We can't believe we made it this far, but we feel like we're getting better every week.

This week, to celebrate the big 2-0, your favorite nerdy siblings break out all of our favorite "segments" just for you.

Here's to another 20! We know you'll follow us on this...uh hem....Journey.

Remember to send your review - or segment! - ideas to Or any pics you want us to see, or anything at all, really. Just keep it clean, folks. That means you, Wopsle.

Reviews include: Episode 20, Rando! Review! Riot!!, Online Reviews, Guess What She Got

Thanks again, Cool Kickers!

Love you, byyyye!

13 Rugrats Drinking Online - 013 - Kick the Cool

Hello friends, and welcome to the downright spooooookiest episode ever! Seriously, if you scare easily, you might wanna...nah, I'm just playin'. The only thing about this episode that is ACTUALLY scary is how much we laugh at our own stupid jokes. If you're into that, then you've come to the right place!

If you're new here, you should know that we are 3 nerdy siblings who have taken a solemn vow to review and rate a plethora of topics to help you make the tough decisions in life.

And I just want to mention, in case anyone ever wondered, that we ARE A FAMILY FRIENDLY SHOW. We get a little wacky with our topics but we promise you, it's always clean and it always will be. There are other podcasts out there similar to ours, but every other word is a cuss word! I rate that - to quote my big sis - a poop emoji! The kiddos should get to listen too!

Remember, this week we want you to talk to your mom about the podcast, and help her get setup on her phone or tablet or computer to listen to podcasts. Seriously, moms seem to love us, and yours will too.

Reviews include: Spooky Friday the 13th Episode, Rugrats, Drinking Water, Online Reviews (Are Easy Cuz They're Beautiful)

See ya next week!


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