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Oops! All Segments! - Episode 020 - Kick the Cool

It's Episode 20, folks! We can't believe we made it this far, but we feel like we're getting better every week.

This week, to celebrate the big 2-0, your favorite nerdy siblings break out all of our favorite "segments" just for you.

Here's to another 20! We know you'll follow us on this...uh hem....Journey.

Remember to send your review - or segment! - ideas to Or any pics you want us to see, or anything at all, really. Just keep it clean, folks. That means you, Wopsle.

Reviews include: Episode 20, Rando! Review! Riot!!, Online Reviews, Guess What She Got

Thanks again, Cool Kickers!

Love you, byyyye!

Hometown Napkin Tattoo Construction - Episode 019 - Kick the Cool

Hey there Kickers! Welcome to the most helpful zone on the planet, or maybe anywhere else. As you know, your 3 nerdy siblings - She She, Tone, and Wopsle - have taken a solemn vow to give you the most helpful and pertinent reviews imaginable every Monday, and for this episode you'll want to be strapped. If you don't know what that means, listen to the episode. You might be surprised.

In this episode we talk a lot about our hometown - Prague, Oklahoma. It was named after the Czech city, but here in Oklahoma we pronounce it "Preg". Isn't that awesome? Also we delve into the importance of tattoos, and the fact that we have only 1 tattoo between the 3 of us!

Please rate, review, and subscribe on Apple Podcasts and everywhere else on the internet! Please, please, please! (Was that too much? Maybe so.)

Also, join us on Facebook and Twitter every Tuesday as we post pictures of us with our favorite review topic for the week. Looks like this week is gonna be "Tattoos", so post your tattoos online and tag us!

Reviews include: Napkins, Tattoos, Our Hometown, Road Construction

Well, that's it! Thank you SO MUCH for sharing some of your time with us silly folk.

Love you, byyyyye!

Cussing Curb Garth Shortcuts - 018 - Kick the Cool

This week we review "cussing", but don't worry, we're still as family friendly as always. Anything offensive is bleeped out and it might be fake cussing anyway. Well, it's probably fake. Okay it's definitely fake cussing. But we couldn't pass up an opportunity to get some good beeps in there!

A lot of great things are on the horizon, fellow Cool Kickers! We're making algorithms, upgrading desks, and busting out KTC t-shirt ideas like it's our job! So be looking for that sweet, sweet Kick the Cool merchandise!

We're also very excited about a new aspect of the show. Every week we'll choose a review and take selfies with it, so if we review clowns, we'll take a selfie with a clown of some sort. And we would LOVE for our Cool Kickers to post their "review selfies" to our Facebook, Twitter, and anywhere else on the interwebs! Can't wait to see your creativity in action!

Also, go to YouTube and search Kick the Cool, then subscribe to our channel! It's a great "catch-all" for every episode plus all the short snippets we publish every week. It's all right there!

Reviews include: Seaside Field Curbs,Shortcuts, Cussing, Troyle Garth Brooks



Guess Dread Fast Superlatives - 017 - Kick the Cool

Boy, with this whole weekly episode thing, we're really churning them out! And we love it! Hope you Cool Kickers do too!

Your 3 nerdy siblings go to the dark web this week, and we highly recommend you do not follow us! Listen to the episode, by all means, but don't go to, and especially don't go to darkweb.farts, which is where I keep my secret algorithm. Just listen to the episode, you'll see what I mean.

Please go subscribe to us on YouTube, Kickers! We've got tons of content there now, and we need your support! Plus, there's an episode that can't be found in our normal feed, featuring Wopsle's daughter, Jovi! Go check it out!

Also this week, She She unveils her first segment, "Guess What She Got", where, well, She has a thing and her brothers have to guess what it is! And the great part about it is the thing can be literally anything.

Reviews include: Dread Management, Fast Food, Senior Superlatives, and Guess What She Got

See you next week, where we give you all the reviews you didn't know you needed!

Love you, byyye!

Journey Journey Journey Journey - 016 - Kick the Cool

Welcome, Cool Kickers! It's Episode 16 and, once again, we're breaking the mold! Changing the game! Innovating! Okay, well, what I'm really trying to say is we reviewed the same topic - Journey - four times in this episode. With some slight variations, of course. Maybe that is actually innovative? Hmm.

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Reviews include: Journey the shoe store, Journey the band, Journey the concept, Journey the video game

Love you, byyyyye!

Storm Show Bicycle Brass - 015 - Kick the Cool

No matter where you live, we're going through some tough times, gang. But luckily, the 3 nerdy siblings from Kick the Cool Podcast have taken a solemn vow to give you the most heartfelt and helpful reviews possible.

There was just something in the air on this one! We could actually feel how many people our reviews were helping!

If you know someone who doesn't "podcast" please direct them to our YouTube channel, where you can find every full episode plus tons of little snippets. Those snippets are even a great way to see if someone new likes our style. 

Thanks for listening everyone!

Reviews include: Knee Slapper Storms, Show Endings, Bicycles, Playing Brass Instruments

Stay safe, everyone!

Love you, byyyyyye!

13 Rugrats Drinking Online - 013 - Kick the Cool

Hello friends, and welcome to the downright spooooookiest episode ever! Seriously, if you scare easily, you might wanna...nah, I'm just playin'. The only thing about this episode that is ACTUALLY scary is how much we laugh at our own stupid jokes. If you're into that, then you've come to the right place!

If you're new here, you should know that we are 3 nerdy siblings who have taken a solemn vow to review and rate a plethora of topics to help you make the tough decisions in life.

And I just want to mention, in case anyone ever wondered, that we ARE A FAMILY FRIENDLY SHOW. We get a little wacky with our topics but we promise you, it's always clean and it always will be. There are other podcasts out there similar to ours, but every other word is a cuss word! I rate that - to quote my big sis - a poop emoji! The kiddos should get to listen too!

Remember, this week we want you to talk to your mom about the podcast, and help her get setup on her phone or tablet or computer to listen to podcasts. Seriously, moms seem to love us, and yours will too.

Reviews include: Spooky Friday the 13th Episode, Rugrats, Drinking Water, Online Reviews (Are Easy Cuz They're Beautiful)

See ya next week!


Free Nerd Sibling Glasses - 012 - Kick the Cool

Welcome back, Coolkickers!

It's time for your weekly allotment of silliness and/or stupidity. No listener submissions this week, no special segments, and no guest reviewer, just an old school, OG, Kick the Cool episode, where your three nerdy siblings bring you all of the reviews you didn't know you needed.

Reviews include: Free Samples, Siblings, Eyeglasses, Revenge of the Nerds

And remember, "Don't go watch Revenge of the Nerds", go watch "Better Off Dead" instead!

Thanks for listening! Please go rate and subscribe on our iTunes!

And we need listener feedback. Email us your review topic suggestions, relevant stories, or even just check in and say hello! Email!

Love you, byyyyyye!

Animal Tube Kool Clowns - 009 - Kick the Cool

Look, we know you need help, and this week we give you the reviews you didn't even know you needed, but you definitely did! We give you our coronavirus rating right off the bat, so you know it's gonna be a fantastic episode.

A lot of mentions of the movie Tommy Boy in this one for some reason, so go watch the movie and give us your review and/or rating!

Reviews include: Kool-Aid, Bank Tubes, Clowns, and Crazy Animal Stories

Please send us review ideas at!

Visit our website,!

Like, rate, subscribe or follow us on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube!

Love you, byyyyyye!!

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