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Episode 43, Cool Kickers! We continue to fulfill our solemn vow to review the most heartfelt and helpful reviews known to man. We're helping so many people in 2021, it's actually kinda crazy.

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Reviews include: Biting Your Tongue, Water Towers, DVDs, Crazy Animal Stories

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Crazy Moon Haiku Music

Coooool Kickers! Welcome to Episode 028! Where your 3 nerdy siblings bring you the most heartfelt and helpful reviews possible, in accordance with the solemn vow we took eons ago. Well, it feels like eons, but it was actually the beginning of 2020!

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Reviews include: Moon Walk, Haiku Poems, Hold Music, Crazy Animal Stories

Love you, byyyyye!!!

Animal Tube Kool Clowns - 009 - Kick the Cool

Look, we know you need help, and this week we give you the reviews you didn't even know you needed, but you definitely did! We give you our coronavirus rating right off the bat, so you know it's gonna be a fantastic episode.

A lot of mentions of the movie Tommy Boy in this one for some reason, so go watch the movie and give us your review and/or rating!

Reviews include: Kool-Aid, Bank Tubes, Clowns, and Crazy Animal Stories

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